Ana Abiyadh Arabic Perfume

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At the heart of Ana Abiyedh lies a vibrant combination of notes that evoke a sense of timeless allure. The opening notes are a refreshing burst of citrus, blending seamlessly with the warm, spicy accents that follow, inviting you into a world of enchanting aromas. The heart of the fragrance unfolds with a rich bouquet of floral and woody notes, creating a harmonious balance that is both inviting and mysterious. The base of the perfume settles into a deep, sensual embrace of amber, musk, and rare woods, leaving a lasting impression that is both seductive and is a perfect accessory for those who embrace their individuality with confidence and style. Whether it is worn for a special occasion or as a signature scent, Ana Abiyedh by Lattafa promises to enchant the senses and leave an unforgettable trail.

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